Officially Licensed by the
Canadian Football League

B' Warmer designs and manufactures state-of-the-art, innovative, quality products that will keep you warm and comfortable. Our products are popular with professional teams and colleges - but there's no end to other possible uses:

Stadium support staff
Marching Bands and other musicians
Media Personnel
Amateur athletes, sports, coaches and officials
Photographers (professional and amateur)
Sportsman (hunters and fisherman)
Hikers and campers
Golfers and skiers
Outside workers such as tradesmen, forestry, oilfield, mining and others
Promotional items for corporations, clubs and other groups (company or club colors can be coordinated with logos, either screened or embroidered).
B' Warmer Hand Warmer

B' Warmer Sideliner Mitts

B' Warmer thermal products are designed for natural warmth and comfort. Made with a unique thermal insulating material that reflects back the user's own body heat -- provides more warmth and comfort than typical fleece products and other insulators of comparable thickness.

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