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"Cold weather games can be a challenge to keep players warm and comfortable. That's why I outfit my guys with the B'Warmer Hand Warmer so they can perform at their best on the field. When cold weather is a concern, I have found the B'Warmer Hand Warmer, the best and most effective product available".

Gordon "Red" Batty

Equipment Manager,

Green Bay Packers

Designed with feedback from professional equipment managers and players, B' Warmer on-field thermal accessories are made for maximum thermal effectiveness and functionality.

Our thermal products are made with a unique insulating material that reflects body heat back to the user in both wet and cold weather conditions - provides more warmth and comfort than typical fleece products and other insulators of comparable thickness.

B' Warmer products are easy to use and maintain. Cover fabrics are made with a durable material that is wind and water resistant. Complement team uniforms by choosing from our wide selection of standard colors, including: black, white, navy blue, royal blue, red, gray and forest green. Custom colors and team logo printing also available.

B' Warmer Hand Warmer

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Zippered inside hanging pocket holds heat pack securely - easy to grasp for extra warmth in extreme cold weather conditions
  • Inside liner wicks away moisture
  • Ribbed cuffs provide a snug fit to keep warmth inside
  • Reinforced belt adjusts to various waist sizes - easy to use single hand release buckle
  • Contoured buckle fits the curve of the waist
  • Release mechanism allows hand warmer to come off if grabbed by an opponent
  • Available in YOUTH and ADULT SIZES

B' Warmer Hand Dryer

  • Inside liner made of absorbing chamois for excess sweat or wet playing conditions
  • Chamois tongue hangs down inside to provide additional drying surface
  • Ribbed cuffs provide a snug fit to keep rain and field moisture out
  • Reinforced belt adjusts to various waist sizes - easy to use single hand release buckle
  • Release mechanism allows hand dryer to come off if grabbed by an apponent
  • Hang dry inside out to preserve the absorbency of the chamois made of natural hide
  • Available in ADULT SIZE only

B' Warmer Sideliner Mitts

  • Keeps the lower arms and hands warm on the sideline
  • Thumbless and easy to use on either hand
  • Elastic wrist band keeps warmth inside
  • Glove hook keeps mitts together in pairs
  • Available in YOUTH and ADULT SIZES

B' Warmer Tear-Away Pants

  • Easily and quickly removed from kickers or quarterbacks by means of a handle at the back of the waist and hook and loop along the outside leg seams - simply pull handle to tear-away
  • Comfortable inside liner with compartments located at the front thigh, back thigh and back calf to hold heat packs in extreme cold weather conditions
  • High waist band keeps the lower back warm
  • Elastic gathering at ankles accommodates various player heights
  • Drawstring and elastic at front waist to adjust sizing
  • Available in ADULT SIZES only

B' Warmer Boot Sock

  • Designed to fit over a kicker's shoe for additional warmth
  • Heel opening with hook and loop closure for foot insertion and easy removal
  • Front drawstring with cord lock permits size adjustment at the lower calf
  • Durable outer cover and inside liner
  • Non-slip sole
  • Available in ADULT SIZES only

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